Frequently Asked Questions
(updated June 2012)


Q: Do EGP Audio plugins support the 64-bit platform?


A: Our plugins are not native 64-bit. You can, however, run them in most major VST-capable hosts, whether they are in 64-bit or not. Most host software is, even in its 64-bit variety, capable of running 32-bit plugins just fine.


Also, we will probably embrace the 64-bit platform in the future.



Q: Why doesn't my 64-bit digital audio workstation recognize EGP Audio plugins?


In order for your 64-bit DAW to use 32-bit plugins, a piece of software usually referred to as a "bridge" needs to be up and running. Under most circumstances this is handled automatically.


In some cases you might have to enable this functionality manually.


In Reaper 64-bit, make sure the option "Automatic bridging" is enabled in the Preferences / Plug-ins / Compatibility.


Q: How CPU efficient are your plugins?


A: Most of our plugins utilize CPU effectively. We try to keep CPU usage between 0.5 and 3 % per plugin.


Improvements in this area are a constant priority for us.


Q: Will there be any EGP Audio software for the OS X platform?


A: This is a distinct possibility, but not a high priority as of yet.


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